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I purchased an Onkyo 507 two weeks ago and have several components hooked up to it and recently experiened an overheating problem that I've been reading about and am very concerned that it will be the demise of the receiver so I have some questions if anyone can please help with. I'm not well versed in the AV department but just want everything to work properly so please be gentle.

Ok first here's what I have connected to the Onkyo

HDMI port 1 - DirecTV HD DVR Receiver

HDMI port 2 - XBox 260

HDMI port 3 - Playstation 3

Component 1 - Asus Digimatrix PC

Component 2 - Panasonic DVD recorder

Composite 1 - Playstation 2

Composite 2 - Wii

We have the Onkyo in an enclosed cabinet with about 4 inches above and 2 inches on each side of space. Everything works fine initially most of the time but I noticed that after about 4 hours of use on the PS3 one day that the video just went out. After trying switching inputs and seeing that the other HDMI devices were working I decided to unplug the PS3's HDMI and plug it into another of the Onkyo's HDMI ports and upon putting my hand on the receiver to reach to the back I was almost burned by the heat at the top of the receiver! I literally could not place my hand on the top-back middle section to unplug because it was so hot.

Anyway I turned off the Onkyo and waited a few hours and turned it back on and the PS3 was outputting video again. I'm afraid of all the horror stories I've read about the HDMI board going bad because of the placement of the HDMI board on this 507 receiver.

Since I only just purchased this and it's having problems already I think I would like to send this back and purchase another receiver that doesn't get so hot and also has some options that I didn't realize until after buying that this was incapable of/missing.

Everything I am looking for (I know this 507 does some of these but this is my complete list):

- A unit that does not get hot in a relatively tight space (enclosed AV cabinet)

- A receiver that takes all the signals (composite, component, HDMI etc) and outputs it through the HDMI so I'll only need one cable connected to the TV)

- At least 4 HDMI inputs

- S-Video inputs as an option alongside composite

- Audio and video piped through HDMI (as I understand it some do a passthrough which is only video)

- At least one video input on the front

- (Optional) composite output that displays whatever is selected on the receiver i.e. The HDMI out will go directly to the TV but it'd be nice to have the composite running to another room to our DLP so we can play PS3, 360 etc.

- And lastly price...I would like to be in the $350 range if possible

Thank you in advance for your help!

- Stacey
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