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Suggestions for Temporary Screen

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I will soon be receiving my very first projector, a Pearl. I have not yet decided on a screen as I want to have time to determine the optimum screen size for my room. Also, there is a chance the Pearl might not meet my expectations in which case I will probably switch to a DLP projector.

I would like to have something to project the image on, temporarily, until I am ready to decide on and purchase a new screen. I don't have any blank wall space. Would a white bed sheet work?

Any ideas for what might be the best solution for a temporary screen? It will need to be of a high enough quality to be able to give me good idea of the Pearl's performance.


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You can pick up a 4 by 8 piece of Parkland Polywall from Home Depot or Lowes. Costs @ $20. That's what I'm temporarily using.

a Queen size white sheet staple gunned to the back of my garage, is what i'm using for now till i decide on a screen
You could buy a piece of blackout cloth from a fabric store and hang that up. It would work a lot better than a bedsheet and cost $10 - $20.

The trouble with what you want to do is using a temp screen, bed sheet or BOC to determine if you like the image from the projector you are getting is a little backwards. You will be testing the projector but at the same time you will be testing the screen and room lighting conditions also. You will have to keep in mind that the image you see is the combined effect of all three. BOC might be the better pick of the two because it will give you a baseline of your projectors image and size on a very basic low gain surface. (around 1.0 or less) testing this way IMO is the only way to go because it lets you enjoy your new projector and while doing that evaluate screen ideas. It will make you much more informed as to what you may want to try as a DIY or purchase.

The bed sheet was where I started and you can see pictures of how I set mine up in the photo link below in my signature. With a bed sheet the image will look as good on the back side as the front and you have to remember a lot of lumens are not coming back to your eyes. You also have to be careful if you hang it over a light wall that light going thru will bounce back and wash out the projected image. For that reason I would pick BOC as a quick start unless you just want to get a feel for screen size.

Many have been so satisfied with BOC they never went past that point.
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My garage is dark brown stained cedar siding, i had to use 2 sheets thick to get a pretty good look, i ordered yesterday on e-bay some rubberized canvas for DIY's, read some good reviews,$15 for a 54"x96" size.
I used a bed sheet at first but Blackout Cloth would be better. I sewed loops of rope in the corners to string it up with bungy cords.

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