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Here is my current set-up:

Panasonic TX42PX20 1080i

Cable Box via Component

Upconverting 1080i DVD player (capable of HDMI, but connected via component due to lack of free HDMI inputs on tv)

Original XBOX (running XBMC as a media player at 1080i) via component

XBOX360 via HDMI directly to tv

Nintendo Wii via Component (480p)

Old Sony receiver (no HDMI)

Old Infinity floor-standing front speakers (from 1992-4ish)

This is what I would like:

Something that would allow me to update my system and connect everything I own (and possible future upgrades including blu-ray and new HDMI cable box) to their max potential and an output of at least 5.1

I know I need a new receiver, but I don't really understand the whole HDMI pass through vs. up-converting vs. whatever thing. Also, my old floor standing front speakers are old, but I don't have any issues with them. Have great strides in speaker technology occurred that would cause me to have to update them? If so, then I would perhaps lean towards a HTIB solution, since I would need everything. I am obviously not an audiophile since I have been using this current set-up for some time now with no complaints. I basically need a receiver to handle all of my peripherals (dvd player, xbox, etc) and would like to (finally) step up the audio aspect of my system.

I am looking at the Onkyo 605 and adding a center speaker, sub, and two surrounds. But my question is: do I need such a powerful receiver? Would a cheaper option be sufficient with my system (as in HDMI pass through) since I dont have HD audio nor is my TV capable of 1080p (only 1080i)? Maybe a cheaper Onkyo HTIB would work for me? Money is not necessary an issue, but I don't really care to spend more than $600.

Any suggestions would be genuinely appreciated. THANKS in advance.
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