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Suggestions on *comfortable* low impedence headphones?

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Hello I usually post in DVD soft and hard ware, HTPC, and Direct tube view forums. I use somewhat uncomfortable Sony V-6 cans, does anyone have any ideas, before I have to go off forum shopping? TIA :)
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Hey, hob, have you tried looking here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/forumd....php?forumid=2

FWIW, I use Sennheiser HD-600 headphones, and find them supremely comfortable.

(Oh, and they work fine without a headphone amp.)
Thanks for the input and the reminder I bought a pair on Sennheiser Headphones. Got to get in my wheelchair and route them out in the closet, thank you for responding to my post. I know the name Neruda he posts on Chu Moys Headwise Forum
Funny story, hob:

I was listening a few nights ago to an FM broadcast of some jazz, lying on my couch reading a magazine. It was late at night (hence the headphones). I was engrossed in both the music and the magazine. Suddenly, I heard a bunch of people in my living room clapping their hands loudly. Nearly jumped out of my skin. Of course, it turned out that the recording was of a live club appearance, and the clapping was the audience. My sister told me that was a sign that the headphones produced good quality sound. I'll say!
You want to hear some Dolby Pro-Logic in headphones, the clapping wont be coming from 3 sources but 5. I use a Sennheiser DSP PRO 5 sounds into low impedance headphones. You ought to hear my Dirty Daning in Concert CD only instead of just having the 5 into 2 unit I married a ratshack 42-2108 Stereo Reverb OOP to it providing 2,000 milliseconds of echo and up to 100 times the depth of any known Dolby Decoder even in 2002. I use this system on every thing. I have 12 units and online I have 4 of the systems with 4 sets of headphones connected. There are no speakers at all in my apartment, no more $125 disturbing the peace fines since 1994


Most decoders have 15 to 30Ms but my unit has 66.666666 times the 30ms amount. 1,000 milliseconds equals 1 second. If you jumped to clapping sound, use my system you'll be on the ceiling with Lionel Richie. lol :)
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