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My Main sitting positon is about 6 (19 feet) meters from the screen.

The Room dimensions are

- 9 (29 feet) meters deep

- 5 (16 feet) meters wide

My room is fully light controlled but the walls and ceiling are white and the floor is matt greyish.

The wall where the screen will be is black see picture

The electric tension screen will be around 124" wide (with a masking system)

wider is not possible due to location of the speakers.

My installer says i should get a normal screen with a max gain of 1.2/1.3. He said i dont need any type of special screen for the reflections. Is he right?

For the projector i,m looking at JVC X95R/X75R, Sony VW1000ES, or a SIM2 C3X1080 (used)

My installer will bring those projectors to demo them in my room on my screen.

Btw I dont care for 3d at all. I will use the pj 100% for movies. The 80" sharp will be used for tv sports etc. (see picture)

Any thing is should consider? Any input or thoughts on type projector/screen are welcome.


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