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I'll keep this short. I am waiting for my new EMP system to arrive. This is what I will have for my speaker setup. I also have an older passive sub in addition I was going to use for the rears.

Would an Emotiva amp and lower cost receiver be worthwhile for this setup or should I just go with a better higher output receiver and separate amp? Also, to save money with my limited budget, would the 3 channel XPA-3 be a good idea for the 3 fronts and use the receiver to power the rears? Or is something like the 7 channel UPA-7 the better move? Would I really need that much power for the rears? I have no problem buying refurbished, used or last years model receivers to save money.

Currently I have a very old Kenwood KR-V7030 receiver to work with. Not sure if I could even use that with the Emotiva and save up for a newer receiver. The Audyssey sounds like something I would like to have on the new receiver though. My room is about 17 x 21 and open to other rooms. Any affordable suggestions are appreciated.
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