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Considering moving my projector to a spare room adjacent to the viewing area,

cutting a hole in the interior wall for a window,

and projecting through the window.

Be great to keep the heat and noise out of the main room.

Any suggestions, or considerations I need to think of,

is it even possible per building codes, materials needed, etc ?

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Instead of window think portal just big enough for the projected image. Somebody will come up with the glass to use. It is special and I think Edmund's Scientific stocks it.

Not too long ago someone posted a new build where the projector was in a hush box hidden it the top area of a closet in the adjacent room. Very clean look. He didn't use glass just used a recessed light baffle to trim out the hole and painted the baffle to match.

As far as code, if it is an interior non load bearing wall, if you put in a cross brace in the wall above and below the area you cut out you should satisfy most fire-stop concerns. If it is a load bearing wall if you don't remove a stud you should be fine, If you need to remove a stud you need to beef up the framing like for an exterior window.

You will need to plan for ventilation of the projector if it is in a confined space.
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