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Im in the market for a new display to state the obvious. Im having trouble finding even ground because of my needs. I have been doing my research but it seems the answer is just good old feedback. Im an obsessed call of duty player and i need an lcd with low input lag and fast response rate. Ive been leaning towards plasma because of they're response rate. I know lcd cant compare but if i can find one thats good enough i will go lcd. Either 32 or 37 inches is fine. Everything thing ive read has pointed toward the panny s1. Any one have gaming experience on these? Im on a tube through component so you can understand my dilemma lol. Thanks in advance dudes!
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Ya i know. I figured if i could go smaller for a performance it would be worth it.
read the thread in my sig, there are quite a few 32-40" LCD's with less input lag than plasmas (0-16 ms)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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