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Just picked up a TGR-3 Sunfire receiver on ebay from World Wide Stereo for about $2000.00. From my research it looks like I just picked up a $5000.00 receiver for $2000.00. I was skeptical, because of the price, I figured there must be something wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to received a perfectly factory sealed unit.

I replaced a 3 year old Denon receiver that I always thought sounded good, until I heard this. There are details that I never heard before, so much so,that my brother thought I got new speakers. The bass is tighter, and the system has so much impact.

Talk about easy to set up, the rear panel has separate jakcs for every input, there was nothing to math up. I had it up and running in about 1/2 hour.

My only complaint is the lack of HDMI up conversion that you might expect with a receiver at this level. But, I think it is a small price to pay for the audio performance I have experienced.
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