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Super Bowl Tickets???

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Hey guys and gals,

Last year around this time someone had put together some replica super bowl tickets to be used as invitations to SB parties. It could be downloaded and edited to incorporate people's theater's name. I searched, but can't seem to find the thread (maybe archived).

I plan on unleashing the fury of my theater on my friends on Super Bowl Sunday and would love to send out some ticket invites, but, alas, I lack the CPU skills for such a task. Obviously, it will need to wait until after the weekend and the teams are settled.

Does anyone plan on doing the ticket thing this year?
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ND23 did some last year and did one for me this year. I used them to create a 5x7 jpeg invitation and printed them out via Fotki (my photo service). They should be here any day...


Cool. Thanks, Bud. How does it work? Just PM with what you want it to say? Cost?
PM or post in the thread. No cost. You can make your own you know, too....


I think ND23 does a better job, but these are pretty good too.

User swithey also made some tickets. here is a link to the message on his ht build thread.

I will probably do another ticket this year...here is the one I did last year borrowed from ND23's design. Swithey ended up using it and hosted the template for others that wanted to create their own.
Has anyone done one for this year's superbowl? If so could I get a copy of it to use for our superbowl party?


Just subscribing, i'd like to get it as well =). Seeing how the theatre "should" be ready for the big game I hope....
Here is the ticket I made for this year's game:

I also have the PSD file available, I've uploaded it here: Superbowl Ticket

There's 10 layers, in this order:
  • section-row-seat Top -- the words "section row seat" on the top of the ticket
  • section-row-seat Bottom -- same as above except for the bottom of the ticket
  • Section Numbers Top -- the actual section row and seat numbers on the top
  • Section Numbers Bottom -- same as above but on the bottom
  • National League -- this layer and the one below you can alternate, I printed 1/2 my tickets with N and the other with A.
  • American League -- see above
  • Ticket Background -- This is the actual logo and red area of the ticket
  • Date/Time -- text box with the date and time of the game, center aligned, two lines
  • Theater Name -- name of the theater, center aligned
  • Blue Background -- blue background of the ticket, with a white stroke around the edge, and wire lines separating the theater from the section on the bottom.
  • Master Background -- you can really ignore this, just a maroon background from building the file

If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. I made it with Photoshop CS3, but it should work with earlier versions as well.
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NICE JOB! Thanks for posting the PSD file, I really appreciate it!


Ok - I did one this year based on the ticket found on the superbowl web site.

and here is my version:

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Awesome Work!
jikkjack, that disclaimer text is hilarious!

Ha ha. I added "Don't Tase Me Bro" to my version! I borrowed that text from Swithey (or someone else) last year.

Thanks again for the "create your own ticket" inspiration!
Those tickets are awesome. The only criticism is that they've got the wrong teams on em (Grrrr.... stupid Packers choking at the last minute. No I'm not bitter at ALL)
I dont own photoshop, can you post a file in a pdf ofrmat so I can print them?

Nice work !! I wish my theater was done

Maybe next year's SuperBowl
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Do you have a psd of that you mind sharing?

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Hey guys,

I am happy to share the PSD and create the pdf but I can't host them due to file size. Anyone have any ideas? I need a place to FTP the file.

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