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Super Bowl XL replay on NFL Network - not HD?

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I was a little disappointed to see that the Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl replay on NFLN is not HD tonight. I assumed it would be HD given that the Seahawks are set to take on the Bears this Sunday for a possible Super Bowl run.

I had the DVR all set up to record, but cancelled it when I saw this SD crap.

Oh well, I suppose the NFL wants to save the HD version for a PPV option somewhere down the line.
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Odd. I would have thought it would be in HD. I am really enjoying the HD replays of games integrating NFL Films replays. Great stuff.

I have last years Superbowl in HD. Wish I had the year prior! Perhaps the Patriots will give me another chance this year.
NFL-HD is one inconsistent and sub-par HD channel. Many reply's that should be (were) in HD aren't shown in HD and never in 5.1.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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