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I had an HDMI cable fail from Monoprice last night, the cable is: 60ft Slim Series High Speed HDMI® Cable w/ RedMere® Technology

While watching TV there was a storm and a loud clap of thunder and my plasma(Panasonic TC-P65VT50) went off. I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in and it came back on, but I couldn't get any signal from my cable box back in my wiring closet over the 60 foot HDMI cable.

I have a wiring closet about 60 feet away that I have a Denon 3313 and Motorola cable box, out of the Denon the 60 foot HDMI cable goes to my Panasonic. I have the cable box and Denon plugged in to a CyberPower UPS/Surge Protector .

I tested unplugging the 60 foot HDMI cable from the Denon and directly plugging into the cable box and still no picture, I then moved my cable box into the room with the plasma and used a short 6 foot HDMI cable and it worked fine. So looks like the storm knocked out the 60 foot HDMI cable, I have PVC down pipes to my wiring closet and my plasma so I can easily pull the cable and test it which I'll do tomorrow but I'm doubting it's going to work. This cable is about 3 months old and after installing it was never touched.

I also have a Leviton whole house surge protector .

I have a slim wallmount on my plasma and have a recessed wall outlet so my plasma is very close to the wall and that's the one thing that I don't have any additional surge protection on beyond the Leviton since it fits so closely.

So with the plasma not being directly surge protected and seemingly that leading to the HDMI cable going out could I simply run a 60 foot power cord to my plasma back my CyberPower UPS/surge protector?

Looking for ideas and thought this might be better than the option of a in wall Surge Power Outlet since it would also provide the additional benefit of UPS and I need the outlet recessed.

Also I'm in no way blaming the HDMI cable Monoprice is great and will replace the cable no problem, I'm just wanting to prevent any future occurrences.
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