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Surround and general speaker advice

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I currently own Polk RTi A series speakers in a 5.1 config. I would like to add two more speakers for a 7.1 config. The logical conclusion would be to purchase another pair of Polk RTi speakers. However, I am considering upgrading the front pair. I don't know what I will be purchasing for the fronts. I had listened to a pair of Martin Login electrostatics and was very impressed but will give many more models a listen. So if I plan on going with a different brand/type of speaker what should I do about my surrounds? I would take my current surrounds and move them to the back of the room and replace the sides with something better. Any advice is appreciated.

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if your primary use is movie audio, then mixing surrounds is really not an issue because most of the side and rear channel audio is "positional effects" in nature. For surround music, the speakers all should match as closely as possible so the instruments do not sound "different" as they appear in the other speakers (timbre matching). If you get a major upgrade for your L-R fronts, than try your existing speakers in a surround location and experiment with the results. After a period of use, you feel the surround speakers need attention, you will know what sound to look for.
I mostly listen to movies with the other speakers and pure direct with movies but I do own a few SACD and DVDAs. I decided to go with a larger pair of surrounds from the RTi series, the FXi A6's. This way the timbre matches. I guess when I do upgrade the mains I'll have to look into the others if necessary.

Thanks for the help
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