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I have a Denon 5803 receiver that's about 9 years old, and is not the 5803 A version. I want to go to a 7.1 speaker setup to take advantage of some the new bluray movies that have 7.1 DTS MA soundtracks. Since this receiver predates HDMI, I use the 5.1 (and now the 7.1) analog outputs of my Pioneer 51 FD bluray player to the 7.1 external input on the 5803. This receiver was built to handle 7.1 inputs; it has a pair of surround back amplifier channels and speaker binding posts, also a pair of surround B amp channels and speaker binding posts in addition to the usual side surround speaker outputs.

This was their flagship at the time - Ultra 2 certified, Dolby EX and DTS ES, yadda yadda. Given all this, when I go into speaker setup or to run the test tone sequence, the surround rear channels do not show up ! Even the manual has a picture of the onscreen GUI that includes the rear speakers. All I can get to show is surround A (surround side speakers) and the surround B speakers, which were meant to be used for music surround formats.

If I interpret the manual correctly (it's poorly written, ugh !) I think the surround back speakers have to be turned on in the THX Ultra 2 menu. However, when I go into that menu screen, all I have is the option to configure and run a test tone for a THX Ultra certified subwoofer (sets a sub peak limiter) and nothing else.

From what I've read, the only feature additions that came with the 5803 "A" upgrade was a step up from Dolby Prologic II to IIx and improvements to their proprietary Denon Link for SACD.

Does someone know this old receiver enough to help me out ? I'm afraid any surround info coming from the surround back channels on my bluray player are not going to get sent to the surround back speaker outputs, and most certainly not sent to the surround B outputs (as a discrete set of channels from the surround sides)

other options - upgrade !

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