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I have a new house with a huge living room that I'm trying to set up with 5.1 surround. The tricky part is that the only place for the TV is off center from the side wall, somewhat close to a corner. For the surrounds I'm looking at bipoles, but placement is looking tricky. I can place the left surround against the wall to the left of the listening position. However, this leaves the right surround literally in the middle of the room, which looks kinda weird.

There is also a ton of space behind the listening position (almost 12'). I'm considering getting a console table and putting it behind the couch, then putting the bipoles on that table, as wide as possible. This way, the speakers are on a table instead of having just one speaker on a stand in the middle of the room.

Alternatively, I could mount the bipoles on the rear wall, but that is 12' away, which would clearly be more appropriate for rear speakers in 7.1.

Finally, I could put in in-ceiling speakers instead.

Any suggestions on what would be the best configuration here?

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