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hi everyone, i'm really confused about some of this stuff about surround setups

here's the deal, i have a ps3 and a 40" samsung 1080p.

now i want to get me some 5.1 or 7.1 sound.

i've been searching the web, and the ps3 can only give surround sound from the hdmi or optical out ports.

oh i also have to mention that i have some old creative 7.1 speakers, the Creative Inspire T7900

the thing is, they only have 7.1 audio cables (the regular pc ones) for the input... so i guess i can't use them for my surround setup right? they're not even a decoder for dts and stuff like that, right?

so i searched some more and found some cheap yet good speakers, the logitech Z-5500 Digital, they only cost 250 euros.

these speakers seem to have optical input and dts support, so they would act as a decoder, am i correct?

i really wanted to try and use these 7.1 speakers, but it's no big deal if i have to get new ones.

thanks a lot in advance
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