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Very new to the a/v world and obviously have a few newbie questions still after reading numerous of posts, so bear with me. I have a Yamaha rx-v465 with Yamaha 5.1 surround. Yesterday, I changed out my component motorola box (time warner) to an HDMI cable box. The HD programming works perfectly when connected to my Samsung 1080p LCD via HDMI showing 1080i on my HD channels but when I run the HDMI from the cable box through the receiver and then to the tv, the audio and video flickers/ hesitates slightly. Also, the tv now only displays in 720p and not 1080i. Another issue (not sure of the relation to above mentioned issue) I have is that I'm get sound only through the center channel speaker even though, the HD programming/ channels I watch indicates 5.1 via a small logo.

I am rather unintelligent when it comes to this stuff, knowing only the general things.

Do I need to change a setting on the receiver for it to 'pass through' HD programming in 1080i? What could be the cause of the flicker/ hesitation in audio and video? The HDMI cables work perfectly when connected cable box to tv

Currently I'm at work but I will test a DVD movie through my computer and see if I can get the surround sound tonight. I apologize for the long post and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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