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Hi. the single largest technical hurdle the Macintosh faces today is the utter lack of software support for surround sound(Dolby, DTS etcÉ). it has been over 4 years since this unheard-of gap between the Mac and PC developed. and still the "Use surround sound" check boxes in all our games go empty and useless. while our DVDs, CDs and TV tuners continue to ooze out the same paltry 16-bit, 48Khz stereophonic sound introduced ten years ago in the Quadra 660AV.

So as to remedy this ridiculous state. I urge drub Apple on this problem. and sign the following petition:

"To: Apple Computer

Dear Apple Computer,

We the undersigned current and future users of Macintosh computers, hereby petition Apple Computer to provide us with 5.1 surround sound hardware for use on our Macintosh computers.

1. We would like to see an upgrade option to allow the use of surround sound for games, music, or movies. These upgrade options would include both of the following forms of connectivity where applicable.

a. Through the use of a PCI plug in card for current Power Mac users.

b. Through the use of an external system utilizing USB or Firewire ports, this would allow iMac and Laptop Mac users to have the option of surround sound if they so desire.

2. The ability to use a self powered surround sound system is also important. e.g. Boston Acoustic 7500 or Klipsch Pro Media 5.1 speaker setups.

3. The hardware would not have to be manufactured exclusively by Apple Computer. Turtle Beach or Sony would be great choices for manufacturing Macintosh?s first step into the digital world of sound and music.


The Undersigned"

Surround Sound Hardware for Macintosh Petition

Until this serious issue is addressed. the Macintosh will _always_ be second best.

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