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I recently upgraded an ancient Sony receiver (back from Prologic I days) to a Denon 1907 that I picked up on eBay ($45 ... figure that was a decent deal).

Still figuring out all the settings on it, but I was under the initial impression that I wouldn't be able to get digital out via my TV's optical cable, as most TVs don't convert to 5.1 via optical out.

I can get dolby digital/dts from my bluray + tivo (coaxial + optical), but wanted to get digital from my roku too ... so played around with settings a bit.

Eventually set it up so I can get Dolby Digital from my roku (roku hooked up to Tv via hdmi, optical out from TV to receiver). But only sometimes.

HBOGo I can get dolby digital, VUDU... only for some movies. Netflix + Amazon, no dolby digital all.

My question is, is that just because of how those roku apps are designed, or am I doing something wrong somewhere? Rights issues with some streaming companies maybe? Is there a setting on my Denon that I am missing?

Am I better off going with prologic II or dts neo 2.5 (weird samsung format) for those services where I can't get Dolby Digital?
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