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Surround Sound - Weak output, TV too strong - why?

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Hey guys,

I am a big time noob.

Here is my situation...

I realize this isn't the greatest of equipment, but based on the demos in store and my budget I thought it was good fit.

Here is what I have:

The problem...

The TV and Surround Sound aren't synchronized.

On HD and DVD the surround sound is OK, but far from great.

The sound is controlled by the TV and Digital Cable Box.

Meaning if I leave the volume at say "10" - Which is almost maxed out - and I turn down the volume on the TV only...the sound dissapears from the surround sound.


I basically leave the TV on it's default setting, and the surround sound setting at "10" and control the volume thru the HD Digital Cable Box.

So that volume dictates everything....but regardless if I turn it all the way up, and the surround sound all the way up, it really isn't that loud.


I am guessing the TV is overpowering the Center Speaker - which is not that loud - How do I fix that?

Thanks in advance!

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I think you have something wired wrong.

Generally you don't use the TV except for the video inputs - do you have the audio looped thru the TV?

Ie you want no sound coming from the TV, controlling everything from the audio units remote.

Also leave the cable box at a fixed audio output, not variable - use the audio units remote to control that sound too. ( usually about 70 percent)

You can wire up the variable audio and stuff - but its generally just annoying.

Cable box - fixed audio level, only change channels

TV - no sound, only change input if need to switch source

Audio unit/receiver - all sound and control

Does that help?

I might be off my rocker, but try to simplify using the above and play from there.
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Everything sounds spot on.

I'll post my results in my rewiring efforts! :)
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