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I have a tricky surround / rear speaker placement situation and I was wondering if I could get some advice and opinions. Specifically I need to decide where to place my right rear surround. It's a bit of a challenge since my room is asymmetric and the area behind this speaker might be open space with nothing behind it for two feet.

My question is for a 7.1 system and boils down to this: Which option would be be better?

Option 1) Right Rear surround dirctly behind my listening area and 4 feet separation between it and my LR Surround. BUT:

- With 2 feet of open space behind the RR Surrond in question. The LR Surround will be tight against a back wall.

- With a (spread of 8' 6" between my RR Surround and RSide Surround. [The spread between my LRear Surruond and LSide surround would be only 3'4"]

Option 2) Move the RRSurround closer to the RSide surround but farther from the listening area.

- Listening area would be about 4 to 4' 6" to left of RR Surround [LR Surround would be right behind listening area.]

- Spread between RR Surround and LR Surround would likely be about 8 Feet.

Some other facts:

- Using Mirage Nanosat Prestige for all 4 surrounds. Hoping the advertised 360* sound dispersion pattern will assist a little with the unbalanced nature of this room.

- I have excellent flexibility in moving the side surrounds forward or backward. Current plan is to mount them slightly forward of listening area but could move them rear of it as well.

- Denon 3310 has Audyssey Multi EQ but not Multi EQ XT.


Width: 13' 10" with listening spot tight against back wall.

Dep[th: 14' 6"

Height 7' 4"


The listening area is biased toward the left. Left Front is almost tight against left wall. Right front is 7'6 to right (placing it near middle of wall).


Surround/Back: Mirage Nano Prestige

Front: Klipsch WF-35

Center: Klipsch WC-24

Sub: Hsu STF 2

Receiver: Denon AVR 3310

Thanks all. Any and all advice very much appreciated.

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