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previously i was interested in the onkyo 160/607 but thats a thing of the past lol i'm very close to purchasing the pioneer vsx-9040 rcvr and the price just keeps getting lower and lower =) any input is wanted for this rcvr.


currently i only have a pair of polk tsi300's so far. plan to get the cs10 as my center, just for matchings sake =)

i am also looking for some surrounds.

i'm considering the tsi100's for rear surrounds but waiting for them to go on sale at newegg or amazon

(will be a 5.1 system due to space limitations)

i also have gathered some info on some others like the bic dv62's/energy cb-5's but would prefer something bottom mounted because of my current speaker stands. (although willing to buy different stands for book shelf spkrs if need be)

any other suggetions would be appreciated =)
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