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Surround speakers placement in 7.1 HT

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Speaker Placement

I have a 7.1 setup and I can't figure out where exactly to put my surround speakers. I will have 2 rows of seating. There's a window on the right that is in the middle and a door frame on the left.

Here's a diagram of the room:

The window blocks the optimum spot, so should I place the middle surround speakers directly behind the window at ear level or above the window near the ceiling?
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I would place the side speakers directly to the sides of the first row (on the right side, it would mean mounting the speaker above the window).
Thanks a lot for the help. I'll do exactly that and tilt the speakers toward the seats.
Good point about tilting the speakers down. I forgot to mention that. But that's what I did with my surrounds as well, since all four are above ear level.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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