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Surround speakers

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I am trying to set up/fill in some of my system in my new house.

Right now I have a pair of Diamond II Bookshelf speakers from the 80s i got from my uncle 15 years ago. I think they sound very good. I am in need of rear surrounds I am replacing two Polk R15 (too large to put up on wall). They are also a little muddy.

I definately need the surrounds. I've run some in wall cable and I'm looking for something small/discrete to mount on the wall. The room is 14 X17 with the TV area approx 14X10. I was looking at the Infinity On Wall speakers also at the Athena Micras (just for the rears).

2) do I need to match the rear surrounds to the front speakers? if so, do the wharefdale dipoles match?

3) should i scrap the whole idea of buying the surrounds and sticking with the wharfedales and just buy the Micra 6 set or something similar?

The budget isn't large. I was only looking to spending around a hundred or so for the surrounds.
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2. No. It's like tires. Do you care if there's 2 Dunlops and 2 Michelins? But the catch is two-fold with speakers. All speakers have a voice of their own. Mix, and you'll have different voicing at different locations. Does that matter? Not to me, I've enjoyed it like this for years, and I've HAD matched 5.1.

The other side of the "All Five The Same" is that in different locations in the room, you'll get different sound at the listening position. So if you have rare / vintage mains, don't feel like you have to scrap them to get good HT.
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