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I'm thinking of getting a Surroundbar. Main reasons are:

1. We live in a rental apartment, I don't want to nail speakers to the wall.

2. Easy to set up

3. Less clutter (keeps the wife happy).

Powerful sub is not very important as I'd like to keep bass low (and also be considerate of my neighbors). Sound clarity and quality on the other hand is very important. Main usage is watching TV and Movies.

Almost got the Sony HT-CT150 but it went out of stock almost everywhere and the only places that have it charge $300, which made me reconsider.

Currently looking at the Yamaha YHT-S400 or the newer S401.

I'm also attaching a floor plan of my living room. As you can see one side wall will be fairly close but the other is further away as the room is rectangle shaped. Do you think a Surroundbar would still be suitable for this kind of floor plan? Are there any other Surroundbars I should be considering?

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