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So it is my first time working with this type of stuff. I'm buying a sub-$1000 system for my entertainment room.

So far, I've chosen:
Klipsch RF-52 II Floorstanding (mains)

Klipsch RC-52 II (CC)

BIC F12 (sub)

What would be an appropriate surround with these? I prefer the monopole btw.

Thanks in advance

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Well, to answer the OP actual question I would try to stick with Klipsh surrounds. While surrounds can be a different manufacturer, whenever possible its good to stick with same as your mains. It will give you the best uniform all around sound. I really hate it when people ask a question and someone responds, don't do that, do some other random thing. I don't know if you already have the speakers or not. If you already have them move on and be happy.

IMO surrounds are important. Surrounds are fun. People that tell you they are not important likely have crappy surrounds. I'm not familiar with Kilipsh or their options, but I've always preferred dipole surrounds. Some will debate this but I think the diffused sound creates a better envelope of ambiance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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