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I have an SVS sub model 20-39PC-Plus which has failed. It powers up but no output. I'm looking for schematics and any relevant info on the Indigo boards in it, namely:

630096 Rev 0

630126 Rev 0

630127 Rev 0

640022 Rev 1

650027 Rev 2

SVS have been no help. Indigo itself appears to have been sold to the Chinese company Sonovox and proprietary rights to the designs get in the way.

I was able to follow a bit of the layout by comparing to the Klipsch Promedia information compiled by Dale Thomson in  Klipsch Promedia V.2-400, V4.1, V2.1, And V5.1 Amplifier Repair

Power supply voltages look good but the signal is lost somewhere. Without reverse engineering the whole unit...

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Don Whyte
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