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I'm buying a new sub to go with my PCi and am wondering if the difference in extension will be a problem. I won't be squeezing out the max LFE SPLs from my sub set-up and am replacing the original Bash amp on the PCI with a matching Sledge amp of the PC12 so headroom between the two subs should be the same. The subs will roughly be equidistant to the listening positions, in the same room environments (room gain shouldn't be an issue.)

Should i see any problems with set up?

For those not familiar with these models - they are both cylinders, both have the same sized but (I think) different 12 inch drivers and I will be using the same amps in both.

Published specs:

PCI - 25Hz +/- 3 dB

PC12 - 18Hz +/- 3 dB
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