Today is a big day for SVS Sound as it takes a headfirst leap into the world of wireless multiroom sound with the release of its Prime Wireless Speaker System and Prime Wireless SoundBase. Both products utilize the DTS Play-Fi platform to perform a wide variety of smart functions and deliver sound where you want it.

SVS the company is known for its high-performance speakers and subwoofers, and its stated objective with these new Prime products is to apply a “cost-no-object acoustic design” to the connected product that works with smartphones, tablets, as well as voice control through Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

The Prime Wireless Speaker System ($599.99) consists of a pair of 2-way bookshelf-size speakers. Total system power is 200 W, with 50 W going to each driver from the built-in class-D amplifiers. The system includes a 192KHz/24-bit DAC and utilizes a digital crossover, which allowed the sound engineers at SVS to precisely control power delivery and driver timing. The company say it results in a broader soundstage and deeper bass response than the system’s size would imply.

Compact speaker, big sound. That's what SVS promises with the Prime Wireless.
A unique, key design element in the prime wireless speaker system is the inclusion of six programmable presets on the front panel (akin to station presets on a radio) allowing instantaneous access to services such as Spotify, Pandora, Internet Radio stations, and other cloud music services. You don't need a phone or tablet to get your tunes playing, this function streams directly from your home Wi-Fi network.

The SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase ($499.99) is not a speaker at all! It is a 150 W per channel stereo amp married to a smart preamp that gives it all the capabilities of the Prime Wireless Speaker System, including the six front panel presets, so you can use it to power conventional speakers.

“The Prime Wireless SoundBase is transformational on many levels and there’s really no audio component available that delivers the combination of massive, effortless power, intuitive control options, pristine sound quality and future-facing connectivity,” said SVS President and CEO, Gary Yacoubian. “It literally brings any pair of speakers, AV Receiver or two-channel audio system into the future of great sound by converting it to a smart wireless audio zone and a hub of connectivity for all devices and every way we enjoy music. More importantly, it exemplifies the Prime Wireless mission of bringing audiophile sound quality to the wireless audio space for the first time.”

With the Prime Wireless SoundBase, you get a subwoofer output (hint, hint) as well as a USB power port, so you can use it with a SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter and make your subwoofer wireless as well!
The SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase is compact but powerful.

Thanks to DTS Play-Fi, the Prime Wireless SoundBase can be a part of a multiroom audio network consisting of up to 32 total products in 16 zones. You can put together a whole-home wireless audio system using just SVS Prime Wireless products, or a mix of compatible products from different brands.

You can even assign Prime Wireless Speakers or a PlayBase to serve as surrounds when used with a Play-Fi enabled soundbar. The point is the system is flexible and open.

Any way you slice it, when SVS offers a new product, you know that it's going to perform well when it comes to audio fidelity. The price points here attractive for high quality wireless/connected audio gear that's based on an open platform.