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Might seem like a silly topic, considering the 10k price difference, but I live in a small town and haven't a way to audition the cs3.7's. I currently have SVS MTS-01 speakers, and they are my first "high-end" type speakers. I have been happy with the SVS' but recently got the 'upgrade' bug, and I am considering the Thiel cs3.7 speakers, based on the reviews. However, my MTS-01's have also gotten great reviews, even when compared to much more expensive speakers. So I wonder if I did get the cs3.7's; would I be able to hear a huge difference, a subtle difference, or any improvement, at all, over the MTS-01's?

My setup is a Parasound Halo A21 amp, Cambridge Audio modded 840E pre/amp, and a Clearaudio Concept w/Maestro cartridge. I mainly listen to vinyl. I would like to think of myself as an "audiophile", but I don't have the opportunity to do any comparisons. Any advise is appreciated!
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