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Which sub is best

  • a2-300

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  • a3-250

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  • pb10

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  • pb12

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SVS or Elemental Designs

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I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive sub and my budget pretty much maxes out around 400 maybe 500 at the very most. The appearance of the sub is not a big deal to me all i care about is sound and power...I am looking for a powerful sub that will have a lot of deep bass and not wimp out in the lower hz range like many subs. My use is mostly music and HT, but I enjoy those big thuds and room shaking crashes when watching a movie and want the woofer most likely to give me such strong deep bass....Right now the two brands i've pretty much narrowed it down to are SVS and ED unless people had other suggestions...

I've been looking at:

SVS pb10 or pb12 (used on ebay, new is a little pricy with shipping., some of them are ISD not NSD)


ED a2-250 a2-300 or a3-250(new)
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I've had an SVS sub for many years. It is outstanding. Can't go wrong with that brand IMHO.
If you want to go with new go for the a2-300..
Obviously the PB12 for the options in your poll. Realisticly you need to do a re-poll with the ED A3-300 vs PB12, dosent really make sense why it wasnt included?
I've run across some pb-12s on ebay that were in my price range in addition to pb-10s but I would like to know if it is advisable to buy new instead of used...It is likely that i could get a pb-10 for a similar price to the a2-300 or slightly more and potentially a pb-12 for a little more than that even...my main issue is worrying about getting used as oppose to new
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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