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I'm looking to upgrade my current sub (Bic f12), as I've been in an upgrade mood lately.

Rest of my setup is

Pioneer SC-35

Deftech Prmoniotor 1000 FL/FR

DefTech Procenter 2000 center

Deftech Promonitor 800 rears

and the Bic f12

My room is about 18x10, I do about 90% movies and 10% music. I don't do a lot of really loud listening. My max budget is about $500.

I can get the SVS for $250 used or the HSU for $399 new. I'm leaning toward the SV, but wanted to see if anyone had reason to get teh HSU, or any other suggestions the board may have.


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I'm not familiar with the VTF-1, but I've owned a PB10-NSD and it's a truly excellent sub.

According to the specs for both subs, the SVS has a more powerful amp and digs deeper than the HSU.

I suggest going for the PB10-NSD. $250 for a used one in good (or better) condition is a fair price.

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I have the SVS PB10-NSD, and it's actually time for me to upgrade lol

It's great for HT, just want something tighter and more accurate for music.

But for HT you can't go wrong.

My room is about 18x16.

Awesome price, I paid $500
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