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I have been looking for some new speakers to replace my Klipsch RF-62's, RC-62 and SVS PB10-NSD sub that I had set up in my basement. I had remodeled my home and was wanting something smaller with a good sound for both music and movies.

I had spent the better part of a month listening to different speakers and nothing really seemed to jump out. I thought I would take a chance and ordered the SVS SBS-02 bookshelves, SCS-02 center and the new SB12-NSD sealed sub. I am powering them with a Denon 1911 receiver. I am only running a 3.1 system, no surrounds.

I am very impressed with the speakers, they sound much nicer than the old Klipsch setup I had and take up a lot less space. They sound great with both music and movies. I really like the sub, it has a small footprint and has plenty of bass for me.

I have attached a photo of my system, the plasma is a 50" for scale.

If anyone is on the fence about these I think you would be very happy with them.
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