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I'm thinking of remodelling my room and putting Sony XBR2 LCD tv above the fileplace as well as Yamaha YSP-1100 virtual speaker system

So ideally, I want to run one cable HDMI to carry both sound and audio and split an audio off to go to yamaha or at least HDMI for video and one digital cable for the sound.

The problem is, my video and audio sources vary from HDMI to a vcr that uses composite a/v.

Is there a product that will do it for me? I'd prefer to buy a switch and not a receiver since yamaha has integrated amp. I don't need HDMI upconversion, just conversion.

Is there anything like that available? Or am I stuck doing multiple cable runs. Is there anything else other than multiple cables? Can I do this with component instead of HDMI?

I would just like to gather some information at this point.
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