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Switched Pioneer Model # ??

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With the great insight and assistance of this fantastic forum, I just purchased a Pioneer PDP-5045HD from a local authorized dealer.

When the unit arrived, the plasma unit has a model # of PDP-504PU

I did get the 5045 media box....

Is this screen the proper screen for the 5045HD ?? I seem to recall that Pioneer has a 5040 and a 5041, and that those screens also had the 504PU model #.

Did they deliver the wrong screen?

Many thanks for any assistance !
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Don't worry. You got the correct screen.

The actual Plasma model # is PDP-504PU

The "Whole Package" (Mediabox, Plasma, etc) is called the 5040/5045, etc.

I got the 4340 and the internal box that the plasma was in called it the PDP-434PU or something like that.

If you look at the HUGE outside box that everything came in it will say PDP-5045HD.

You got the right tv.
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Yes, as I read through the manual, I saw that the 504PU is the model # for the screen.

As you indicated, the whole package is the 5045.

Now to set-up, tweak, and enjoy !

Thank you !
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