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So I have an odd setup. 5.1 in my living room with a sofa in front of the TV (position 1). I then have cinema chairs perpendicular to the sofa (position 2). Opposite the chairs I have a 120" projector screen.

I want a software solution to switch audio around when I go to position 2, ie movie-night.

I have built a hardware switch that's crude but does the job.

However I just discovered the 'Audio Switcher' options within MPC-HC which looks like it would offer a software solution. The problem is it doesn't seem to be having any effect. Does anyone have any pointers?

EDIT - my images aren't working. They can be viewed in a similar post I made before discovering the MPC setting, here: http://www.avforums.com/threads/switching-speaker-channel-positions.1899594/


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What's wrong with the hardware solution?

The problems with software like MPC-HC (hadn't heard of it, had to look...) are many, but basically they burn your time. There's a lack of support, the troubleshooting guides are sketchy, and the software development is on-going (nightly builds? Really?).

But the big one is, if you did get its switcher function to work, that only addresses the PC, what about disc players, satellite, or other sources? And...it may not address the problem in the way you expect.

The bigger problem I see with your setup is the lack of a center channel speaker. That's the most important speaker in the entire array, and well known to provide between 60% and 80% of the total sound in the room. If you include a center, you'll need two, and the hardware switcher is the only way to go. In fact, switching channel allocations on the input to an AVR won't really work well for some surround modes, because there's more going on than just a straight path from input to speaker.

There is a pre-built hardware solution, though it's pretty far from free, it does provide the possibility of remote control at some point. Colman Audio look under "switchers", see the A/B5.1 - sorry, no directly link. It solves your problem correctly for all sources and speakers.
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