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Switching for Electric Screen

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I am installing a Stewart Electric Screen and would like a couple inputs on how any of you have handled the up/down switching. I am using X-10 for my lighting controls and would like to use the same for raising and lowering the screen. Options are to run the wires back to a relay box in my rack area or put a hidden box up next to the screen (not sure I like that) or do some combination where I have low voltage lines running from the rack to the screen and then do the 120 volt switching at the screen.


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Check out this thread...my screen still works fine after almost a year with this config. Just make sure that your screen cuts the power in both the up and down positions.

Good luck.

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David, This sounds great! I want to do this setup for my new Da-Lite screen. You didn't go into detail on the transformer, however. Where did you purchase this 12V unit?



Darren from Kansas City
Thanks David,

This was one of the ways I was considering using. Essentially the limit switches on the screen shut the power off in each direction. Since the screen motor is a 120 volt motor, it probably makes sense to have some sort of master switch in line with the power going to the screen or else even when you go to service it you will still have power applied.


The transformers are available at most electrical supply stores or even Radio Shack for less than $10.
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