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Hey .

So I have my PC connected to my Viewsonic LCD Monitor via DVI and Panasonic Plasma via HDMI through the Onkyo HT-S3305 receiver.

Ive set the monitor as Primary/main display however, windows 7 and ATI recognizes it as 2 (when i identify it) and the Plasma as 1. I've switched the connection points at the back of the ATI 4670 GPU but still no luck in that. The desktop has been extended onto the Plasma TV.

The problem is that currently when both displays are turned on, the taskbar shows up on the primary display i.e. LCD Monitor, however if my close the TV, the screen flickers and the taskbar switches to the TV and the desktop extends onto the LCD Monitor. (desktop goes blank, no icons, background is there, i can right click and menu appear, etc)

Why does this happen? Is it got to do with some settings in the ATI menu / windows menu?

Thanks in advance !
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