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Any tools or programs to sync audio across multiple computers? Would love to sync audio and hd video but im betting HDCP issues with that.

I work from home and usually am at my desk listening to music and checking emails. I run my own IT company and work off emails, so im looking for something that can stream all audio from my computer to all other computers in my house. This would allow me to turn on the computer in other rooms and hear a new email alert. I usually listen to streaming audio (siriusxm or iheartradio), something that doesn't require my attention and just streams all day long, don't want to select songs or create playlists, just hit play in morning, and turn off in evenings.

I'm thinking there needs to be an audio output device on the host computer then be a streaming source on others. The host computer does not need to hear the music but definately be wanted.

Are there any software programs or hardware devices out there that can do this? if not I might develop one if anyone else would think it is beneficial.
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