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Hey folks... I recently made the switch from XBMC to Media Browser.  There a whole dedicated threat explaining why but the short answer is that I was having problems with the playback and I couldn't get it working.  So I gave up and switched.  


So far, I really like Media Browser and since I use WMC as my PVR its especially nice to have it all buttoned up in one app.


Except for one problem - some of my dvd/bluray rips have the audio out of sync with the video.  This seems to be a relatively common problem and with XBMC I could easily make adjustments on the fly.  I assumed the same could be done with Media Browser but I cannot seem to find a way to do this.  A quick Google search came up empty too so before I write this off as impossible I'm going to run it by the well informed people here on AVS.


And since I'm sure someone will ask - I'm using LAV Filters for bitstreaming.  
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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