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I am sooooo new at this, this is the first conversion i am doing (i have avi files i want to send my mother to watch on her tv; i watch them on the computer using avi files and VLC.

When I use AVS Video Converter to convert my avi file to dvd, there is always a problem with syncing the sound with video (lips and voice are off, sometimes slightly, in some avi movies, it is really bad). The original avi file plays fine. The lip sync problem show up even in the preview box. Am i not setting something properly (there are not a lot of adjustments the program lets you make, but here they are:

Button is pushed to: To DVD (icon as well)

Input File: an avi file

Output file: directed to same folder, plenty of headroom on hd

Burn to: DVD Standard Play NTSC (to test, i have also tried other NTSC settings, same result, but to note the lip sync problem is in the converted file, not in the burn).

I have the Burn To: pulldown set at "DVD NTSC Good Quality 90/162 min" which gives the following reading in the 'advanced' button:


Bitrate: 256kbps-224kbps (indicating input and output)

format: MPEG Layer 3 codex-MP?EG-1 Layer 2

Frequency: 48000-48000hz

Duration: 2:17:46.266-output same


Bit rate: 1163-9400kbps

Frame rate: 23.976-29.97

Compression: Xvid MPEG 4Codec -MPEG2 video

Duration: same as above

got this program because some people said who were having this sync problem with other programs were suggesting to get this one (AVS). Well, i did, (i was previously using shareware AVI2DVD, same problem).

please help!

ps: i just did another file, and checked it onto 'put on two disks' and i do not have the problem (doing that did not change the problem on the other film).

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This is a common problem. You could email AVS support as they are very helpful. You could install Nero Vision as I find that to be more precise.

Alternatively you could check your original files frame rate and make sure that you aren't changing it. You mention NTSC not PAL, so you might be converting from PAL? I pulled this off a site earlier:

"If you want to convert use an all-in-one tool if you want an easy method, DIKO, The Filmmachine, AVI2DVD, VSO DivXToDVD(not perfect pal/ntsc to ntsc/pal)"

That might help when you understand what the writer means.

Anyway, we digress:

"DivxtoDVD was a simple beast. ConvertXtoDVD is somewhat smarter. Whereas DivxtoDVD added duplicate frames to encode 23.976 to 29.970 (causing jerky output), ConvertXtoDVD encodes this material correctly at 23.976 fps, then applies 2:3 pulldown for playback at 29.970. I believe, although this is untested by me, that it now does the same for NTSC -> PAL conversion. I don't convert formats if it can be avoided, and as I can play DVDs back in their native format, I just leave it as auto".

Here is something else that might help: "Virtualdub (or a variant) can easily change the framerate of the video. Audacity or Goldwave (or similar) is needed to change the audio to keep sync. Open the video in virtualdubmpeg2 (for example) and click on Video -> Framerate, then click on Change to [ ] frames per second and enter 25. Save the new avi. However, before doing this, I suggest you save the audio out as uncompressed PCM first, so you can alter it's length as needed".

From reading the above you will see that these issues can take up huge amounts of your time. So the bottom line is, try Nero and just google all your queries about everything else.

Personally, I'm sure your problem is down to frame rate conversion without realigning the sound track and that is the reason it doesn't happen every time. Last thing, download GSpot, install it and with that programme you can see the framerate of and avi file, the codecs used, in fact everything.

Best of luck
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