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For those of you having problems with horizontal and vertical sync between Panasonic STB (TU-HDS20) and DLP:

I finally created a circuit board to correct the sync problems that Ron Jones discussed in this post:


The Panny box puts out a sync level that has a DC level shift. From my observations on a scope, the level shifts positive to the point where several projection devices may lose sync.

I am using a Proxima DX3 DLP projector (1024x768) and it would not sync to the Panny STB no matter what I tried.

Ten or fifteen circuits and several hours of scope time later, I finally found a circuit design that synced up to my DLP projector.

I have tested it with great results on 480P and more importantly, 720P.

The only drawback I have seen is that it appears that a few lines may be missing, due to the 768 line native resolution of the Proxima.

I will put in a few hours of viewing and tweaking and check out the results.

I am impressed with the RGB output of SDTV, DTV and HDTV from this box. The guide is another story!

Larry Cobb
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