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Syntax Olevia LT27HV as a PC monitor, think about this first!

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First and foremost this is a TV and not a PC monitor. Don't expect it to work seamlessly as a PC monitor.

1. It can take 5 seconds to sync a PC's signal. While it's doing this, it's flickering the panel, shifting it left and right, etc.

2. If you deal with multiple resolutions/frequencies daily, you'll end up either using the AUTO button when the screen doesn't sync properly or when that fails, powering it off then back on.

3. As posted elsewhere, it does not conform to PC Energy Star standards. This means when your PC shuts of it's video signal, the LT27HV flips to a solid blue screen with either VGA or DVI in the corner. This means if you want to be safe with it, you need to manually turn it off when you walk away.

However, because your PC will likely be at the screen saver when you return and turn the TV back on, you'll get a fuzzy off-center image. Log in, then once the desktop is stable, Press AUTO or turn off the TV and back on. That'll sync the image and give you a superb picture (until the next res/frq change).

For some examples. Desktop is at [email protected] I play Half-Life, CounterStrike, Diablo 2, Dungeon Siege, BattleField 1942, Quake 2 (oldie but goodie). None of those support 1280x720. Closest is 1024x768 and it gets stretched. However, the TV can't sync it correctly without being reset (AUTO) or turned off and back on. Then when you are done playing, you have to reset again for your desktop.

On top of that, many of the newer games (HL2, Doom3, UT2004, Unreal 2, etc.) have videos at the start (usually about the developer, publisher and whatnot). None of those run at 1280x720, even if the game is set for 1280x720. So again, you need to manually sync the screen.

These two glaring issue have resulted in me returning the LT27HV after 5 days of use. Syntax confirmed via email that this should not be primarily used as a PC monitor and that excessive sync'ing will cause premature failure.

Just thought I'd pass along my experience before someone else walks in to a purchase like I did expecting something more than what they'll get.

I'm off to order that 2405FPW. I hope the first runs don't have problems...
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Well it sucks that you didn't get that issue resolved. Sorry to hear that.

Do you know if this is something that affects only the Syntax or do all LCD TVs have this "flaw" when used as a computer monitor?
have you resolved if this is a problem when used w/ the dvi-d input??

looks like you did all your testing w/ the vga input and were waiting on some dvi cables

to be delivered.
Sorrry you're frustrated, but I think some of your problems is not just exclusive to Syntax. 1280x720 or 1280x768 is WXGA and typically not supported by most PC/Mac games. Shoot, even iTunes (Mac) visualizer uses 1024x768 so it gets stretched out.

With that said, I am happily using my Syntax LT30HV via DVI with a Mac mini. The only hitch is I had to use a Mac equivalent of PowerStrip program to get the pixel perfect resolution of 1280x768. With DVI you don't need to use the "AUTO" adjustment feature at all (unlike VGA).

Yeah, I noticed all the same stuff the first time I tried using my Olevia as a PC monitor. Fortunately, I never planned to use it as a permanent monitor, but rather, to just test it out. I think the whole issue can just be summed up well in that first sentence. "It is a TV, not a PC monitor." The syncing problems are very difficult to deal with.
For everyone that had a problem, was a DVI connect available to try and solve it, or did that fail also?

Just asking...I'm thinking of getting their 32" for my PC monitor and would like to know if this is reconcilable with a DVI connect from the PC, or if these just don't work well at all no matter what as PC monitors...

Thanks either way!

extremetech just did a new review of the 32" syntax.

they found some issues w/ it, but didn't mention any difficulties w/ auto synching.

i'd like to know about whether synch is an issue w/ dvi since that will be my primary connection

if i get a syntax.
When I was at MC taking the screen back we tested the VGA vs. DVI question.

Same problem. Since I worked there years ago and still know people I went so far as to take my PC with me. Then we tried 3 different systems with different cards, and my panel and two others.

All setups had the same issues. Yes, powerstrip helps, but I'm not one for spending money on something extra when it shouldn't be needed.

The powersave issue is true for ALL Olevia TV's. Again, they are TVs and not PC monitors, so Syntax is only concerned about compliance with TV requirements.

Also, when sync'd in, the DVI image was a bit cleaner. Not so much so that it's worth another $40+ for a DVI cable though.
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All setups had the same issues.

Which display(s) did you guys test?

The powersave issue is true for ALL Olevia TV's.

Is this the energy-star compliance issue or something else?
How does powerstrip help? And any word on whether this is an issue for the 32" units?
By all setups I meant relating to with a LT27HV (different PCs and video cards).

Yes, the powersave issue is due to it's TV energy-star compliance (vs. PC energy-star compliance).

Powerstrip didn't prevent me from having to turn off the monitor or press AUTO a few times. Now that might be due to my not being a powerstrip guru. I know you can create settings for each app/game, but again, I'm not the type of person to spend extra money on something just to do what it should do anyways.

I don't know if the sync problem is true for the 32" model, but my guess is yes, since it's a problem wih both the 27" and 30" models.
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