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Is Integra the only one making a ip controlled av receiver? Im trying to build a sweet system including my iphone as the remote control, apple tv, external hard drive, new mac pc, 2 motorola cable boxes (comcast 3416), global cache gc-100-6 or 12, sling box(maybe), 4X4 true matrix hdmi switcher, 3 vse's or maybe the new aton dla4, 1 5.1 theater, zone 2 (1 pair of speakers), zone 3 (2 pair speakers) and four tv's. but i want to keep the ir controlled devices to a minimum and it would be nice if my main brain was ip controlled. I dont know yet if the gc-100 can controll multiple devices out of the same ir port as long as their not the same but if it cant i have a total of ten ir controlled devices not counting lighting. I would really like to keep my cost down and not have to add more global cache's because i already have a lot of these items or their equal i can sell online. Any insight on ip controlled devices that work reliably or any ideas on how to make this system crazy cool let me know.

P.S. One more final rant. When are they going to incorporate extra dacs in receivers so i can plug in one hdmi and have it come out zone 2 and 3 optical and analog. Then have an amplifier that has a digital in or analog in discretely for each channel pair with busing and a buffered out digital and analog!! yeah! If you know of any products let me know
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