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System Installed Today (I love it)

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Got this setup installed today and I am very happy with my humble family room theater. The screen size is a step down from our troubled 61XBR but the picture quality is much improved. Now I want Direct TV to get with the HD thing and start adding some channels.. I almost swapped the KD57W40 for a 50" Fujitsu plasma but my wife stopped me.. And I agreed with her it would have added $ 7.5k to our daily used system. Plus she had concerns about burn in using the PS2 on such a expensive set. So I am a happy camper. Now to get it calibrated, any comments on how much the calibration helped the picture from your experience.

Quoting my post from Yesterday

"Sony KD57HDW40

Sony STRD B1070 Receiver

24" Triple LNB Dish

Sony 700P DVD

KEF Q55.2LC Speakers w/center channel KEF Q95.2

2 KEF UNI-Q 2 ways for rear channels

Sony SAT HD 100 HD sat receiver..

Plus their installing it!! I am excited,, and still on the fence about the plasma,, hum,,,, the plasma is basically twice what I paid for the system above. It may seem weird but just can't seem to talk myself into spending the $$ on the plasma.

FWIW. . for those planning a system this one cost me a bit over $7,900 with install and 4 shelf rack and some misc. stuff "

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