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Hello all:

As you can see from my post count I'm a newb to this, so I need and would appreciate your input. I have been reading and think that I have decided on the following set-up:

Denon 2309

DefTech PM1000s for front L&R -- PC2000 for front center --PM 800s for rear L,C,& R (Maybe BP1.2s for these, but size may be too big for the wife's taste) -- PS 800 or 1000 for sub. System would be used probably 60-40 HT vs music. Room is 15x15. No display yet (not until this summer) but likely 46" Sony XBR6. I haven't researched this yet, so may not be the best option. Am I making a mistake with this sound set-up?

Other issue I have is many months ago during my remodel I wired the room for 6.1 with the Bose AM16 in mind. Now that I am ready to start purchasing components I have decided against the Bose system. However, the wires are already run (in the ceiling). I have all of the wires including the RCA for the sub running from the AVR location to a storage area under my stairs directly behind the sofa in the viewing room. The wires terminate there and then a new set of wires are run to each of the satellite locations, so I have a break in the chain from the AVR to the speakers. Where the Bose sub was supposed to be installed. My eventual sub is still going in this location, but it does not appear that I have to or should run the speaker wires to the sub first before going to each satellite. If that is the case, is there something I can do to fix this other than having some type of connection installed? In other words, does the pro sub have inputs and outputs for all of the channels or will the wires have to be soldered together? Is there another component that could be placed between the AVR and the speakers. Concerned about signal degradation becuase of the break. Obviously any help or guidance on this as well as the above planned system is appreciated.

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