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Looking to replace my old (94) Polk RT-12 Towers and Polk CS400i Center here in the next few weeks. This system is used about 95% for Movies and TV but I don't want (or can't) use a sub at this time. I want towers and a smaller footprint center. My receiver is a Denon AVR-3808ci. My rears are ok for now.

I would prefer to buy from Amazon since I have about $600.00 in credits and promo dollars. Total budget is not to go over $1500.00.

I've looked at the RTi-A7 and A5's and the TSi-500,TSi-400 series. Want to get good bass out of whatever I buy. I can add a sub later but not right now. I'm open to any brand but have always liked Polk.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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