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Does anyone know anything about the company T+A?

A Dealer has highly recommended it. (MSRP $8,000)

T+A 7.1 Surround Receiver - PULSAR SR 1535 R


This surround receiver is another multi-talent from the T+A labs. It was developed for people who appreciate high-end surround, but not at the expense of superb-quality two-channel reproduction. The basis of the set-up is the excelent new DD 1535 R 7.1 digital- decoder and the T 1210 R High-end tuner. Complemented by two additional output stages of identical construction and a high-quality analogue pre-amplifier of completly new design, the result is a unique surround receiver. Compared with its Far Eastern competitors the case is downright compact, and it was always our intention and direct reflection of our design skill. Neverless, the unit can provide a total output of 750 Watts (5 x 150 W), with superb sound quality, immense dynamic range ans tremendous stability under load. With its super-quality video connections, the new broad-band board (HDTV), excellent tuner und update facilities to cope with future standards, this receiver is designed for the world! And - of course - we have kept our audiophile customers' requirements in mind. For analogue stereo operation there is a direct analogue mode (High Quality Analogue Stereo Mode), in which the entire digital signal processing of the decoder is switched off and removed form the signal path. And - as you would expect - the unit features seperate mains power supplies for the analogue and digital sections.
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