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T+A Elektroakoustik Owner's Thread

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T+A is a German company that's been around for many years now: http://www.taelektroakustik.de/

They are not that well known in the States. I've had a chance to listen to a pair of Criterion TCD 110 S speakers in Chicago: http://www.taelektroakustik.de/index.php?id=501&L=1

It's a D'Appolito MTM design, using cones made by the same factory which supplies Scan-Speak. These speakers are also transmission line loaded.

What can I say: They sounded pretty amazing. Three dimensional, with some of the best bass that I've ever heard. They rank at the top with my favorite speakers, i.e. B&W 800 Diamond, Focal Scala V2 Utopia, and Dynaudio C4 Platinum.

At $15,000 a pair, I highly recommend them. Any owners, or people who've heard these?
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I have a pair of Stratos P-30 3-way speakers I bought from a store many years ago. Anyone have any info on them? Great looking/sounding speaker.
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