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Hello everybody,

just finally ordered Benq W1070 and now searching for screen. They guy from AV solutions company offers me either Commtec or Projecta screens, either tab tensioned or non tensioned, I am completely lost. I am from Europe so maybe you even didn't hear about these brands, or at least search here on forums returned almost nothing...

I am looking at probably Tab tensioned screen (is it worth the money?), motorized, 240 cm wide. My setup will be in living room, external sunshields, so little ambient light.

Any suggestions please? I don't want to spend money on something really cheap but also not extremely expensive...



EDIT: I have been searching here locally i Europe and found that except Elite screens there are only few brands available. I found SI, Da-lite, Comm-tec, and Projecta. Of course several no name brands.

In addition i would like to spend max 1000 EUR/USD on screen. No chance to install DIY due to very bad room setup

I am trying to find any review of Comm-tec but no luck at all, not only here but anywhere. I don't want to risk shipping from US, therefore i need to stick to some available locally despite i would like to get a possibility to shop for more options
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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